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Need a search engine strategy? Implementing a search engine strategy is no easy task. We analyze what your competition is doing in terms of online marketing that could be helping their organic rankings. Taking that information along with known search engine ranking techniques, we put together an SEO strategy that will improve online conversion rates and drive in targeted visitors to a website.  

Keyword Analysis - Find out which search phrases are popular your industry. What are people googling that leads them to websites? Are they buying something from those websites? How many people per month type in each phrase. What would happen if those people searching found your website? Would it lead to more sales? There is a lot that goes into researching the right keywords for each website. Targeting effective keywords will drive in visitors that are interested in what you have to offer.

Link Building - It is no secret that building up links is essential to higher search engine rankings. In the past, the more links you had the better. That is no longer the case. Having spammy links pointing to your website can penalize organic search engine rankings. Building high quality back links that are optimized is essential to a long term SEO strategy.

Tracking Visitors - Watch search engine rankings improve by seeing website stats daily. Find out how visitors are finding your website, how long they stayed, what pages they viewed and more.


SEO Packages

                                                                 Starter SEO Package                      Advanced SEO Package

Keyword Analysis

seo packages

seo packages
Modify Meta Tags

seo packages

seo packages
Competitor Marketing Research seo packages seo packages
Analyze and Update Content to Reflect Marketing Goals and Keywords seo packages seo packages
SEO Articles Written 5 10
Directory Submission 50 100
Back Links 10 50
Submission to Search Engines 100 500
SEO Support 30 Days 60 Days
URL of Your Website


URL of Your Website



Additional SEO Services and Explanations

• Social Media Set Up • Meta Tag Analysis • Submit to Search Engines
• Blog and Article Writing • Keyword Volume Analysis • Local, National and International Marketing
• Google, Yahoo and Bing Pay Per Click Setup Reputation Management • Link Building

Reputation Management - Have you unjustly received negative feedback from customers and/or competitors and it is affecting your online reputation negatively? Don't let one bad experience can ruin your online reputation. We can help suppress those bad reviews so that they are much harder to find. Not only will bad reviews not be an issue for you any longer, but good reviews will also drive more traffic to your website and improve search engine rankings. Get those bad reviews off of the first few pages of search engines and restore your online reputation now.

Social Media Set Up - Social media is a great way to drive new traffic to your website and keep current customers informed of new products and services. Make sure that your online presence is a strong one that continues to keep up with the latest forms of communication.

Blog and Article Writing - Let's face it, time is scarce when you run your own online business. Have our writers create articles and blogs about your company to help drive qualified traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click Setup - Want to start a pay per click online campaign and don't know how to do it? We are very familiar with how to get the most out of your advertising budget by setting up pay per click campaigns that will get you the most bang for your buck with each click. The programs that search engines use to bid on keywords are complicated and confusing. It is very easy for the average person to lose a large sum of money by setting up pay per click campaigns wrong. Eliminate that now by having your pay per click campaign set up by professionals.

Meta Tag Analysis - Meta tags consist of source code that tells search engines about your website. It includes the title of each page of your website, keywords and descriptions that will be picked up and is a factor in your overall search engine rankings. We will make sure that your meta tags are coded properly to achieve better website rankings.

Keyword Volume Analysis - Want to know how many people search for specific keywords every month? Knowing keyword volume for the industry that your website specializes in will help you choose the right keywords to target for your website. Not knowing keyword volume for each search term that you are targeting puts you at a disadvantage because you may be targeting low volume keywords.

Submit to Search Engines - Submitting your website to hundreds of different search engines will help their bots index your website regularly. We will make sure that your website is submitted to hundreds of different search engines and directories.

Local, National and International Marketing - Whether you have a local business that wants to target local customer or an international business that offers products and services across the globe, we can make sure that you are engaging your target market by setting up a marketing plan to achieve your goals.


I hired an SEO company before and paid thousands of dollars and it did not do much to help my rankings. When a friend recommended your company I decided to give it one last try. I'm SO glad that I did! We moved up under 10 major keywords and our sales improved by 50%! It really brought us to the next level and I want to thank you for saving our company!"

"When I had my SEO analysis done I was shocked at how bad my website rankings were compared to everyone else. I thought that we were up there because we did receive a good amount of traffic and sales. Your tips and analysis really helped guide us in the right direction in regards to making some simple changes that improved our bottom line. We continue to work on our SEO every week using your tips and it has proved to be successful."


"THANK YOU so much for giving us insight on how we can make our website rank higher. I could tell that you did your research on the paper industry with the knowledge and suggestions that were given to us. Not only did you restore our online reputation but our rankings improved significantly. It's something that we tried doing on our own but was slow moving. I could not believe how well our website is doing now that we have made the changes you suggested! I will recommend you to friends and family. Thanks again!"


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"The advanced SEO package really gave my website a lot more credibility than I ever thought it would. I expected to get more traffic (which I did) and now I'm not just ranked higher but am getting more hits under all types of keywords. I'm very impressed and pleased with your seo services."


"I liked the back links that your SEO company was able to get us. I feel as though it helped give our customers references showing them that we are well known and gave us a more professional online presence."


 "I set up my own google adwords account but I was not getting the clicks that I wanted and became frustrated looking at my campaigns all day trying to figure out how to fix them. The pay per click set up that you did not only brought me more traffic but I ended up paying a lot less per click. My ad quality increased and I am now able to focus on my business rather than my ad words account. It was totally worth having my pay per click account set up by professionals."


"I did not realize the impact of the link exchange that you set up for my website. I have been able to exchange links with hundreds of websites easily and I can tell that it has helped us move up in the search engine rankings. You guys really know what works and what doesn't! Thank you for your help!"